Will Roegge/ Video Director and Photographer
I’m a baby of the eighties. Had a trapper keeper, knock off Reebok Pumps, and still wish cartoons were good on Saturday mornings. My name is Will Roegge, I’m transplant living in Los Angeles, California. I enjoy black coffee.

In high school, I had a great teacher who got me interested in Black & White 35mm photography. In college, I transitioned to Digital SLR photography and then entered the film production program. Shooting 16mm film was exciting, again had mentors who were encouraging and willing to share their experience. After finishing my senior project, a music video, I graduated and moved to Los Angeles a few months later.

Seek out a mentor, stay hungry, learn how to take and give criticism without taking it personally, and make sure you enjoy yourself. Challenge yourself regularly.

The Future, more HDSLR video production and shooting. Been developing a few short films, a DVD project for release in 2011, and continuing to grow my production company which is called Medium Monster. Travel, blog, find new sources of inspiration, rest, and then repeat.

`My videos have been featured on a number of different websites, tv shows, and venues. Recently, my Pike’s Peak footage from my short – Climb Attack was featued on Carson Daly’s show, Sports Illustrated’s website,, Top Gear BBC’s blog, and I’ve also had projects make their way onto ESPN Sports Center, Fox Sports News, and earn a spot as a finalist for the Motor Press Guild Dean Batchelor Award in Audio/Visual category.


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