5 Questions for Stevie Boi SB Shades

19 07 2010

When/How did you start Steve Boi Shades?

I started the company no longer then a year ago! It was started with
as little as 20 bucks! I started it in my studio/loft back in
baltimore md. It was really hard at first but untill i got my shades
on the cover of obvious magazine with Eva Marcille Pigford wearing
them all hell broke loose 🙂

2. What is your inspiration when creating a pair of shades?

IT started from nightmares as a kid. Long story short i have a vivid
but disturbing imagination, its actually quite creepy! but i play with
it with fashioln alot and just create what i can out of necessities.
Also working with limited pieces can make any project worth doing or
figuring out.

3. Could you name off the celebrities that have been spotted with a
pair of your shades?

ill name a few. Young Joc, Trina, Lil Kim, Joe Joe,

4. Any future expansion internationally?

Of course! currently getting my luxury line ready for Sep and Feb. Im

on it like hotcakes this season want to make sure my marketing and

promotion is all in tact to my project so you should expect more
stores to have my shades especially overseas.
5. Are there any collaborations coming soon?

Yes Working on Something Huge For fashion week!!! Stay Tuned




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